Choose the Gender of Your Baby – Medical Methods

The Choice between the medical and the natural approach for Choosing your baby’s gender is probably easy for most. Going the medical methods is guaranteed for conceiving the gender of your choice but not guaranteed that you will actually conceive, as there are very high miscarriage rates. It is also very costly, in the realm of $20,000 per attempt. There are also the issues of having to take various fertility drugs to reduce the chance of miscarriage. So unless you have other reasons for needing IVF or if you have plenty of money and are OK with a series of medical treatments, the natural approaches may be the best approach for you. But for some after having several children of one gender they may need to balance the family and the medical methods offer higher success rates. For others there may be medical issues that prevent natural conception and IVF adds the bonus of being able to choose your baby’s gender.

English: Blastocyst on day 5 after fertilizati...

English: Blastocyst on day 5 after fertilization Courtesy: RWJMS IVF Program (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Choose the Gender of your Baby – The Medical Approach The two main medical methods of choosing your baby’s gender are MicroSort and IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) with PGD, (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis).

MicroSort for Choosing Baby’s Gender – MicroSort is where sperm are collected and then sorted in to male and female, the sperm are then deposited using AI (Arificial Insemination). The sorting process is not 100% accurate but it is claimed that the success rates are around 90% for selecting a girl, and 80% for a boy. This method is probably less invasive than IVF as it basically only involves sorting the sperm then inserting them, and usually people take fertility drugs to increase the chances of conception. MicroSort will probably cost in the realm of $5000. Cheaper than the IVF options.


  • Cheaper than PGD $5,000
  • Relatively simple procedure
  • Some fertility drugs can be used but they are optional
  • Less likelihood of medical complications


  • Still costs $5,000 per attempt
  • Don’t get to conceive in the comfort of your own home
  • Not guaranteed of getting the gender of your choice

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis for Choosing your baby’s Gender – Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis is where several eggs are taken from the ovaries and fertilized outside the body. The embryos are then analyzed for gender and genetic disorders then placed in the uterus. This procedure involves several trips to the doctor, tests for likelihood of success, various fertility drugs and costs around $20,000 per attempt. IVF results in a successful pregnancy only about 10-35% of the time (dependent on the age and health of the woman). So this method may be too expensive for most couples.


  • 100% success Rate
  • Can test for genetic disorders during the procedure


  • Expensive $20,000 +
  • Involves many trips to the doctors
  • Requires fertility drugs which can have negative side effects
  • May have to try several times before having a successful pregnancy
  • Some of the tests and procedures may have harmful effects on the embryo

I hope that helps people clarify the two main medical approaches to choosing their baby’s gender.

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By Sally Goodman


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