Homeschool Preschool – 5 Reasons to Teach Your Child at Home

English: A kind of preschool.

English: A kind of preschool. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Many parents are homeschooling preschool instead of sending their young children to preschool away from home. Here are 5 reasons you should homeschool preschool.

1. Children will learn in their own time, and many 3 and 4 year-olds aren’t ready for a structured classroom environment. Forcing preschoolers into strict learning environments can produce anxiety and reduce a love for learning. Young children learn best in an environment that is free from competition and pressure to perform.

2. We have all seen children clinging tightly to their mother’s leg, begging not to be sent into the classroom alone. Some preschoolers aren’t ready for large amounts of time away from their parents. Many children still need one on one attention, frequent hugs and a familiar lap to sit on.

3. Negative social behaviors such as cliques, teasing and bullying can begin as young as age 3 or 4. Many preschoolers internalize these negative experiences, and become insecure, shy and withdrawn. When parents homeschool preschool, they have an opportunity to observe and coach their children during difficult interactions and teach their children positive social skills.

4. By homeschooling preschool, parents can model positive behavior for their children. At home, preschoolers also have plenty of opportunities to learn to share with siblings, manage feelings and serve their family members. These early years are an excellent time to build good habits and reinforce family values.

5. The preschool years pass much too quickly, and once those moments are lost, they will not return. Parents who homeschool their preschoolers have more time to spend time bonding with their children. Homeschooling creates special family memories that give children the security and confidence they will need to thrive when they leave home.

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By Carletta Sanders


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