Infancy And Childhood – The Art Of Bathing And Cleanliness

During infancy:

Cleanliness is very essential for an infant. To take care of this problem, parents of infants have to make sure that they follow some of these suggested points.

Cleaning the body of the baby is a must. Hence, the infant needs to be bathed every night with warm water. Giving a cold water bath for an infant may lead to a number of diseases in the future. The water that is used for the morning bath needs to be tepid while warm water is needed for the night.

8 weeks old baby

8 weeks old baby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As the months pass, you can reduce the temperature of the water. The baby can then be put into the water or even sponged. You will need to keep a watch on the infant when he or she is put into cold water as sometimes it may not suit the body of the baby.

The skin has to be made dry with the use of a flannel. The better it is if the skin is dry. You need to do this action expeditiously and briskly for the infant to get some strength. Nates, arm pits and groins need to be dried well. If the infant is fat, then use hair powder to dust over the parts of the body. This helps in preventing sores. Soap has to be used for areas which receive dirt.

During childhood:

When the child is at this age, bathing is many a time not considered very necessary. Many people feel very satisfied even if the face and the hands of the baby are kept clean always. However, you need to keep in mind that giving a bath for the baby everyday is very necessary to keep the child in good health conditions.

As soon as a child is out of his or her bed he or she will be needed to put into the shower for a bath. If this alarms the child or even excites the child then a sponge bath can be given from head to toe with salt water. Cols water baths are always better but just incase the weather is a little too cold then luke warm water can be used for bathing purposes. The body will then have to be dried very quickly and a coarse towel will have to be used to rub the body. Without much delay the child has to be clothed as soon as possible without delay of any sort.

If the child lives by the sea then you can take advantage of this by letting the child sea bathe. After about two or three hours when breakfast is done the child can now be bathed. Make sure you do not put the child in water before or after this time as the water may be too cold or may later become too hot. You also ought to make sure children do not fear water. Swimming is a good exercise and has to be taught to the child at the right age.

Cold baths especially during the summer will help the child a lot. If this does not good for your child you can stop doing this.

If you can not bathe the child everyday, then at least make sure the child gets a sponge bath. During cold weather and if the child is delicate use luke warm salt water or vinegar.

Article Source:

By Abhishek Agarwal


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