The Importance of Play for Special Needs Babies

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It’s never too early to begin playing with a baby because play is the way children learn best. Playing is how babies learn. They learn through everything they see, hear, touch, feel, and experience. So parents can have fun choosing a selection of toys to keep their baby happy and entertained. Introducing play components into the life of a special needs baby can start with a selection of toys and play products chosen for the individual needs of the child.

Parents should seek to find toys that connect with a child’s unique special needs.

So what should a parent look for when beginning to fill the toy box? Well, here are some product categories that parents should focus on because they are just what a special needs baby can benefit from.

Seven Great Categories to start a special needs baby with

1. Activity Panels-This is a great starter toy for children because it helps them learn cause and effect, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Examples — walkers or adjustable gyms.

2. Cuddle Toys-Sometimes a child needs a good friend, something to hold for confidence, or a playmate to take to the park. Cuddle toys help a child express their emotions, explore social realms and provide a whole lot of comfort. They will become a friend your special needs baby will love and cherish.

3. Musical Elements-Musical toys do a great job of soothing a child, or waking them up (depending on the beat). Research shows music helps brain development and aids in promoting movement and communication.

4. Blocks-Block for block, these simple play items deliver big times for kids. Some of the top benefits they serve up are problem solving, spatial aptitude, logical and mathematical skills and learning to plan.

5. Shape-Sorters-Every baby’s toy box should have a shape-sorter toy because they are a great way for child to learn hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

6. Recognition Promoters-These play products stimulate children’s memories by showing them new and familiar objects, people and places. This is an important element in helping kids recognize, prepare and remember.

7. Memory & Recall Developers-Toys are a great tool to stimulate and strengthen a child’s memory and recall abilities. Products like What’s Inside? Toy Box are a great way to get a kid started in building these important skills.

So start building your baby’s toy chest with these seven great categories of play products. Toys can help little ones learn how to fuel fun and build a whole lot of skills that serve babies and beyond.

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By Raiko Mendoza


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