Tips on Language Development in Young Children

Language development in children is crucial. Ability to speak smoothly and communicate freely is one of the key components of success in life. Is there anything you can do to help your child to develop this essential skill? You certainly can. So, take a look at several practical tips on how to develop speaking ability of your kids.

Scientists have discovered several interesting facts about the connection of language development in children with motor function of their fingers and palms. These facts would help us to teach our kids to speak fluently and develop their speaking skill to the most.

Facts on language development:

· When children are trying hard to express themselves and have times finding right words, they strain their fingers and palms

· Kids with low level of language development retain muscle strain in their fingers, palms and hands for a long period of time. Often times, they are unable to strain one hand without straining the other one, even reaching 6+ years in age

These simple scientific facts show direct connection between motor functions of our palms and fingers with language development. This means, if we can stimulate motor function and fingers of young children, we can directly impact their language development, too.

Tips on stimulating finger motor function:

There are many simple and fun ways you can use to stimulate language development of your child through stimulating finger motor function. Playing finger games is one of them. You can start at a very early age. These simple games or techniques can be used even for 6 months old babies.

· Gently massage finger tips

This is one of the first and simplest ways to stimulate finger motor function. Gently massage finger tips of your baby. Do gentle circling motions and then rub the entire finger going from the palm and to the finger tip. Most babies simply love such massage.

· Count fingers, rubbing them

There are many kids’ poems you can use, counting their fingers and gently rubbing them. You may help your child to ball the fingers and then unclench them one by one.

· Supply your child with soft toys with different surfaces. You can use special cubes, where each side is made of different fabric: some soft, some smooth, some harsh, etc. You can stitch pieces of lace to such cubes or balls. This way, your child fingers different types of fabrics and surfaces. They provide additional massage for finger tips and stimulate their motor function.

· For an older child, you may want to give them a pen to roll between their two palms. Or, give them a ball to roll on the palms. You can also use clay, putty or modeling dough to roll balls or sticks out of it. It provides great stimulation of palms’ and fingers’ motor functions for language development.

Applying these simple language development techniques, you will soon start noticing speaking development progress in your child. If you compare such progress with other children, you would be surprised to see the difference in their language development levels.

Article Source:

By Elena Razinkova


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