Top Toys in 2012 for Boys and Girls

We are going to look at some of the top toys in 2012 for boys and girls. By the time you’re done reading, you should have a very good idea of what the hot toys are going to be this year so that you can get your Christmas shopping done early, relax and actually enjoy the holidays this year!

A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and...

A pile of Lego blocks, of assorted colours and sizes. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Top Toys for Baby and Toddler Girls

  •  LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer – The pink version of the LeapPad tablet is great for smaller girls who are into learning. At early ages, it is easier for children to learn and pick up on things. And with this they will not only be learning from the software, but also how to operate electronics.
  • Move and Crawl Ball – The classic is still around, but it’s now made from different materials that will hold up better over time. Not to mention it has probably been safety tested quite a bit.

Best Toys for School Age Girls

  •  LEGO Duplo Cinderella’s Carriage 6153 -For older girls who are into LEGO bricks in a big way, this is the perfect gift – especially if they are also into Disney Princesses.
  • Disney Princess Ultimate Doll Collection – For girls who love Disney and love Princesses from Disney, this is going to be the ultimate gift for sure. It has all the major characters from all your favorite Disney movies.

Great Toys for Tween and Teen Girls

  •  Apples to Apples Party Game Box – For girls who like games and being social, this is a great way for a group of girls (or girls and boys) to enjoy an afternoon get together.
  • Bananagrams Anagram Game – Like Scrabble (in a way) without the board (but with the tiles) this is a great game for older girls who like intellectual pursuits. It comes with an adorable yellow banana bag as well, making it easy to keep everything together in one place.

Popular Toys for Toddler and Baby Boys

  •  Fisher Price Soothe & Glow Seahorse – The green (or pink) version of this adorable plush toy is great for younger boys who want something they can call their own – something they can carry around, control and count on.
  • Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Learning Puppy – Inexpensive, super cute and reliable are just a few of the good qualities of this puppy from Fisher Price. You know the brand already, but get ready for this cute pup to dominate sales in 2012.

Best Toys for Boys in School

  •  Razor Pro XX Scooter – For athletic boys who like to be outdoors a lot, this Razor scooter is set to be huge in 2012. It’s available at a good price when you consider the high quality of the Razor brand.
  • NERF Dart Tag Swarmfire Blaster – NERF has been popular for years and will continue to be huge for years to come. In 2012, expect to hear about this Swarmfire Blaster. While parents may not understand it, some young boys are going to really, really want it.

Hot Toys for Teen and Tween Boys

  •  Air Hogs Heli-Cage R/C Helicopter – Yes, RC helicopters and cars are still popular with boys. And these days, there are quite a few choices out there. Expect the Air Hogs name to ring out a lot this holiday season.
  • LEGO City Space Shuttle 3367 – Older boys who still love building are going to like the Space Shuttle set – especially if they are into space. Hopefully by 2013 there will be a new Mars rover set coming out!

Beyond the list of a few toys that are going to be hot in 2012, you really need to listen to the child who will be getting the gift. They are going to be able to tell you what they want the most.

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By K. Paul Mallasch


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