Ways to Develop Leadership Skills in Youth

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English: In a directed model, Markov Blanket of a node includes its parents, its children and the parents of its children. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most parents are doing the best they can to raise happy and healthy kids. However, they could use some help when it comes to developing leadership skills in youth. If parents aren’t leaders themselves, how can they teach kids how to be leaders? It’s up to community leaders and those interested in working with kids to teach them about leadership skills. Parents can learn something as well.

Ways to Develop Leadership Skills in YouthGive children chores to do. By assigning children responsibility, you’re teaching them how to take charge of something. For example, if you assign them to take out the trash every week, they could make sure one garbage can is for recyclables and the other is for regular garbage. It’s their job to make sure the garbage is separated and placed in the proper garbage receptacle. Otherwise, it could be a messy situation.

Send children to camp. Parents may enjoy this one more than the kids. While summer camp is a great place to meet new people, it’s a good way to learn and develop leadership skills. Children will have responsibilities like making their bed or perhaps be in charge of leading a camp song.

Purchase a calendar. Let your children keep track of their activities. Not only will this teach them how to keep a schedule, it will teach them time management skills. If they have too many activities scheduled on the same day, this will cause a conflict. They’ll see first-hand what it’s like to overextend oneself. Allow them to make the decision as to which activities they’ll pursue and which ones they could let go.

Teach children the art of negotiation. Negotiating is a skill most people lack. Everything is negotiable! The sooner your children learn this skill the better. It’s imperative to keep the lines of communication open when you negotiate and to remove personal feelings. Analyze the situation. What are the other side’s strengths and weaknesses? Reacting negatively to a situation isn’t a good idea. You must also listen if you want to be a successful negotiator. Constantly interrupting someone won’t get you anywhere.

Know what your leverage is; analyze the other party’s leverage. Compromise is apart of negotiation but stick your guns. What is the best offer you can justify? How do you respond to a counter-offer? What types of concessions can be made? What’s the best resolution?

Teach children the art of persuasion. A good leader knows how to sell ideas. If your children want a video game, ask them to persuade you to buy it for them. Have them make an argument as to ‘why’ you should buy them the video game. This will teach them how to explain their reasoning and convince you it’s a good idea.

Enroll children in team sports. It’s important for children to be able to be apart of a team. However, teams need leaders. A good leader knows that he/she are only as strong as their players. A good leader won’t insult the other players but will show them how to improve their game. A good leader can rally the team onto victory through inspiration and motivation. A good leader knows when to accept the praise and how to praise others.

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By Howard Guy


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