What To Do For a Special Needs Guest At a Baby Shower

Baby shower truffles.

Baby shower truffles. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A baby shower brings with it many details that need to be thought of. Along with planning the guest list, the baby shower hostess has to think about details, such as if any of the guests for the baby shower have any special needs. The baby shower will be a happy occasion, and everyone will want to feel included to be able to partake in the festivities, and share in the joy. However, when it comes to certain guests, there will be considerations.

For example, there might be guests that are physically or otherwise disabled. This fact will have a huge impact on them, and possibly others. The hostess will have to think of leeway, and space for this guest if for example they have a wheelchair. If the disabled guest has a condition where they can’t stand, or get tired easily, the hostess will need to make sure that there are chairs, or some type of seating especially for this guest. If the disabled guest needs to use the restroom frequently, the hostess needs to not only place this guest very close to the restroom, they might want to let the other guests know to be aware of their time in the restroom. Or, there might be a second restroom that the hostess could set aside just for this disabled guest.

Another consideration that the baby shower hostess needs to think of is any dietary needs or request of the guest. At the very least, there will be cake and punch at the baby shower. Most of the time, a selection of appetizers will be served. It’s common for pot luck to occur, and then the guests will bring various dishes of food. Some of the guests might not be able to eat the ingredients in the food dishes. There could be vegetarians coming, and they need to be accommodated. Worse, some of the guest might have specific food allergies. Allergies to tomatoes, nuts, eggs, and milk are very common, and can turn the baby shower into a trip to the emergency room. The hostess should be sure to ask beforehand if anyone has food allergies. The hostess should ask anyway, because there might be some guest with gluten allergies. If a cake is served, most likely it will contain wheat and or other gluten products. Another huge food allergy to be mindful of is seafood/shellfish allergies. It’s common for some form of tuna fish, or a shellfish dish to be served, such as tuna salad, or crab salads with cocktail shrimp in them. Again, the hostess should get clearance before allowing these dishes to be served.

Last, although this might be a sensitive topic, the hostess should know if there are guests who have recovery issues. It wouldn’t be out of the question for alcohol to be served at an adult only baby shower. This might make some of the guests struggle. It’s a good idea that if there are any guests in recovery, then alcohol shouldn’t be served, or added as an ingredient in the food. At the very least, the hostess should give advance warning that there will be alcohol present.

These are some considerations that will ensure that the baby shower is an inclusive, and joyful experience for everyone involved.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5179538

By Edie Mindell


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