Best Building Toys for Older Kids – Legos, K’nex and More

Français : Un pont fait avec des K'nex.

Français : Un pont fait avec des K’nex. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you are looking for a fun and engaging toy for an older child, here is a look at some building toys that will hold the interest of most children ages 8 to 12.

Lego Sets – Lego Sets are the most obvious choice for a child this age. Very few kids don’t enjoy building with Legos and there are a lot of great sets out there. If buying a themed set, look for one that has 500 pieces or more. This will give a child in this age group a good challenge. The 3 in 1 Creator Sets are also a really good option. They come with three different plans for building with the set so the kid will get a lot more mileage from them.

One that fits the bill is the Lego Creator Apple Tree House Set. This set allows you to build three different homes with the 539 piece set: a house, a townhouse, and a summer home. This set retails for $45.

K’nex Sets – K’nex Set are also popular with kids in this age group. There are a lot of really great K’nex Sets out there but the ones that kids will likely find the most fun are one of the roller coaster themed sets that K’nex offers.

One that is sure to be a hit is the K’nex DoubleShot Roller Coaster. This 1100 piece set builds a roller coaster that is over three and half feet tall. And the dual tracks will provide additional fun for kids once the set is built since they can race the two included coaster cars.

Marble Runs – A marble run set is another great building toy that is great for older kids. My nine year old loves playing with our marble run. We have a wooden marble run made by Tedco. It comes with 45 wooden block pieces and 14 marbles. It’s amazing how many different things can be built with it. The kids never grow tired of making new creations with it and then watching the marbles run through it.

This is a look at just a few of the building toys that are great for older kids. There are a lot of great options out there. Building toys are so great for a child’s development and can really help their creativity. They are the toys my kids go back to most and I know we will always get years of play out of any building toy we purchase.

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By Esmeralda Bogen


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