Easy Meal Planning – 5 Strategies for Feeding Kids

friday night dinner

friday night dinner (Photo credit: petit hiboux)

If you’re stumped as to what to do about feeding your kids and feel guilty about giving them items like chicken nuggets for dinner, don’t – feel guilty that is. A dinner of chicken nuggets or pizza is quite acceptable, every now and then. A common goal most of us responsible parents have is to feed our kids foods that will nourish them and help them to develop. But with the busy lifestyles many of us have, meeting this goal can be quite a challenge. Here are five meal planning ideas to help you pass the dilemma of what to feed your kids.

1. Commit to a Goal

You’ve being disciplined. You’ve given your meal plan quite a bit of thought and have planned out what you will cook for the week. Monday goes well, Tuesday is a bit hit and miss, and Wednesday is a disaster. Don’t give in or give up. I’ve been there and I’ve felt your frustration. What you may need is a small win. And here is where items like chicken nuggets may come in. At times like this try to keep the end in mind – a healthy, growing kid. Give yourself permission to not feel guilty about occasionally substituting the ultra healthy lentil loaf for something like pizza or a burger. Think about what your kids really like that you feel would be o.k. to feed them once in a while and add that to your weekly meal plan.

2. Understand You Child’s Eating Habits

Do you have a morning eater, an all day grazer, or an evening eater? By understanding what type of eater you are dealing with you can plan meals accordingly and avoid the feelings of failure that might consume you when your child, who for instance, may be a morning eater, is defiant at dinner time.

3. Be Creative

If you only have a couple of recipes that you regularly cook for your family, try expanding your repertoire. By being creative, and astute, you will hit on a family meal idea that will be a home run with your picky eater. This requires resolution on your part, but it can also be lots of fun and you’ll learn a lot on the way as well.

4. Be Deceptive

Your kid has decided that vegetables are evil and he’s just not going to eat them, ever again. Don’t fret. A simple, ingenious (but somewhat deceptive) way to help your little one to chow down on the good stuff is to add puree vegetables into his meals. Add puree squash or cauliflower into your next batch of mac and cheese, or a bunch of mixed vegetables (whatever you have on hand) into a tomato sauce. They’ll love it, and they’ll never know what’s hidden inside.

5. Be Forgiving

If it seems that no matter what you cook for dinner, your child is just not having it, don’t force the issue. The truth of the matter is they won’t starve if they miss a meal or two. Forgive them, forgive yourself, and try again tomorrow.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5368070

By Carla Richardson


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