Great Toys For the First Three Months

Congratulations on your new baby! Newborns may not seem like they do much at first, but they are constantly learning by using their senses. New babies soak up information like a sponge and they do so by looking, touching, and hearing. Seeing your baby learn new things on a daily level can be exciting! Great developmental toys for infants can help your child grow their senses and assist them in learning about their environment.

Rearranged my toy shelf

Rearranged my toy shelf (Photo credit: Andy Woo)

A great toy for your baby’s first three months is an unbreakable mirror. The mirror helps your newborn become aware of their surroundings without having to go far. This gives your little one some entertainment while acquiring important tummy time. Babies love to look at faces and the mirror allows them to see their face up close and helps their eyes to focus. You might find your baby actually talking and laughing to themselves in the mirror.

In the first three months, infants will adore toys with bright colors and funny shapes. Toys with bright patterns will help your baby distinguish certain objects from each other and hopefully promote them to reach and grab. Toys that encourage movement is very important! Funny shapes and textures help them to expand their realm of touch and you may even catch your infant trying to “figure it out”.

Soft toys are also great for newborns because they are easy to hold and can be very entertaining. Baby rattles and squeaky toys do wonders for increasing their sense of hearing and motor skills. The crinkle textured toys really fascinate babies and offers them a different sound that can grab their attention. Soft toys are also good for soft baby gums which can come in handy when your infant needs an oral fixation. Do not worry parents, putting toys in their mouth is a good thing and helps them get a better idea of their surroundings.

Scientists believe that when a baby is born there are certain neurological connections that are not yet formed and playing with toys helps connect the dots. The learning process for your newborn in the first three months can actually be very complex. Skills must be learned in a certain order and build on each other. There are not just one or two types of toys that are going to pave the proper brain paths that your baby will need for their senses. Soft toys are good for strengthening hands and fingers. Mobiles are great for the eyes and sight and music toys train the listening and hearing senses.

The first three months of your newborn’s life are crucial in sensory development. With each milestone your baby has there should be a toy that can help your little one reach the next neurological step. Playing is your infant’s full-time job and they need the right tools to get the job done! Newborn toys can help offer your child a multi-sensory familiarity of their environment that can build onto the next stage of infancy. Parents should be looking ahead for more developmental toys such as an activity table to prepare your baby for the next three to six months.

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By Jim K Ford


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