Top 5 Parenting Tips For Babies

A smiling baby lying in a soft cot (furniture).

A smiling baby lying in a soft cot (furniture). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Parenting babies can be a daunting task as you may find it hard to communicate with them. Babies do actually communicate but they do so in different ways. These tips will hopefully make it a lot easier on yourself and baby.

They didn’t come here to manipulate you. Babies will cry but only to get your attention to help them with something. They aren’t out to annoy you. They either want a changed diaper, they are too hot or cold, teething, stomach/wind pain or may just even be scared.

  1. Close contact is essential with a baby. They want to be close to their mom or dad. You can never be too close to them. It doesn’t turn them into dependent babies, it teaches them that if they are need comfort someone is there for them, hence they tend to be more confident in exploring the world.
  2. Let them explore the world around them. Don’t keep them in a playpen, baby proof your house and let them crawl around. It will keep them entertained more than any toy and help them practice crawling, which in turn helps them develop many more neurological connections.
  3. Talk to them like an adult. Babies will only learn language if they can hear it. So if they only hear baby talk that is all they can learn. Introducing them to adult conversation early will help them pick up language a lot faster.
  4. Your babies health is most likely one of your biggest concerns. While everything is new there is a tendency to panic about most minor things. Remember that billions and billions of children have gone through the first years of their life and survived in sometimes much worse conditions than we live today. So while it is always important to keep an eye on your babies health and speak to your health care practitioner should you have any concerns, you will most likely have little to worry about.

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By Adam P


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