Top 5 Parenting Tips For Teenagers

English: child

English: child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have lived with them for years and now they are becoming independent. They have gathered enough knowledge in this world to start forming their own decisions and are now wanting to assert them. It is at this point that some parents make begin to think their child is rebellious or angry. Here are some tips that just might help you through it.

Recognize that your child is now capable of making their own decisions on a lot of things. Let them have more control over their lives. If you let them have more control in certain areas of their life they are less likely to try to assert control over other areas just to try and get any piece of their life they can control.

  1. Your job is to guide them and not to control them. Make sure you show by example how you would act in adult situations. Teenagers are still learning and will follow your example.
  2. Show respect to them and they will show respect to you, even if not at first.
  3. Realize that they are no longer a child and that your relationship with them is changing. It is not getting worse or less important, it is just changing to something different. They are now capable of achieving much more.
  4. While you will have more life experience than your children and many skills but they will certainly out grow you in different areas. Be open to your children’s ideas and now it might be time to start learning from them while they are still learning from you.

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