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The Top 10 Parenting Tips For Great Children

Equal Parenting Alliance

Equal Parenting Alliance (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am introducing the 10 Parenting Tips that can become your blueprint to family success. Focus on these 10 parenting tips and you will propel your children to their places of greatness. That’s a pretty bold statement to make, but we stand behind it.

So let’s do a little math here. Ten tips at 2 minutes each equals 20 minutes to the best children and the wisest parents in the world. Not so fast, algebra-breath.

You can, however, make real progress towards these 2 goals by using these parenting tips as a blueprint. Commit to 2 minutes a day on each of these tips until you have a plan that fits your family. Successful children and wise parenting will not happen by magic. It can and WILL happen through your commitment and wise strategies.

These tips are designed to get you:

A) Thinking about parenting in a new way, and

B) To do a little planning ahead.

OK, here they are. Each tip will beckon you to create a simple action plan to work on. And keep coming back to this list to check on your progress. Please be patient with yourself ans you devote 2 minutes a day, using your personal planner to jot down thoughts on how to grow in each of these areas.

The Top 10 Tips for Parents related to success for your family are:

1) Marital unity and family togetherness,

2) The value of faith and morals,

3) Showering one another with encouragement,

4) Discipline with calmness,

5) Living a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise,

6) Parental responsibility for education,

7) Protecting your family from negative influences,

8) Preparation for careers and finances,

9) Friendships and dating guidelines,

10) Discovering destinies and roles for your children.

Take your time with each one of these tips until you feel comfortable putting each of them into practice.

Article Source:

By Charleen Ecuyer


How to Deal With Strong Willed Children – Top 4 Parenting Tips

Boy toddler. A child running in the park.

Boy toddler. A child running in the park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Children’s behavior typically changes as they move along the different developmental stages. This is because their socioemotional maturity goes hand-in hand with the growth and development of their physical and cognitive aspects. Dealing with children is challenging enough as it is; dealing with strong willed children is definitely a tougher thing to do. The age groups that are usually associated with the phrase “strong willed children” are toddlers (terrible twos) and teens. How to deal with strong willed children consists of understanding power struggles with children and creating more proactive relationships with them in hopes of preventing rather than coping with despair that parents might end up feeling.

4 Parenting Tips and Advice on How to deal with strong willed children:

1. Understand the relationship between power and trust As with all kinds of relationships, there is always interplay of power and trust. Power is possessed by both parents and children. The trouble is that most parents think that they are entitled to have the most of it and forget about the other side to having power: trust. See, children at a young age should be able to learn to trust their parents: as protectors, role models and guides. Children’s level of trust in parents essentially become lowered because of two things: parents asserting too much power and parents giving children too much power. The latter creates assertive or strong willed children with habits and attitudes that are quite difficult to break. So point is, learn to strike a balance between trust and power so that your children will still listen to you and respect you even if they have a strong willed personality.

2. Know about children’s developmental characteristics There are widely accepted theories on children that talk about developmental characteristics. It is important to know these characteristics so that you, as a parent will have a realistic expectation of your children and thus, know better how to deal with them. For instance, you cannot expect a toddler to listen to you the way older children should-their attention span and responding skill are just enough for a two year old. Also, your teenager may be exhibiting strong willed behaviour which is typical of teens asserting independence. Sometimes, parents just think it’s wrong because their children are acting differently. But that is because they are changing and sometimes it’s part of their normal process. That’s why I cannot stress the importance of knowing the facts enough.

3. Address the behavioral manifestations, not the person Your teenager may seem rebellious or your toddler may seem to not pay attention or your children get into too much trouble in school. Before you overreact, ask yourself, does it really bother your that they are “misbehaving” or does it bother your more that their behaviours reflect on your parenting? Talk to your children and explain to them that their actions are inappropriate. Ask them to reflect on better actions to do in future similar circumstances. Remember, they are human beings with feelings too. You may need to be stern (and consistent) to get your message across but be careful to attack the wrong doing not your child as a person.

4. Let your children participate in small decision making Power struggles with toddlers, teens and children in other age groups exist because parents tend to take total control of their children’s lives. Parents sometimes forget that children can make small decisions on their own. As a part of being a good role model for respect and getting the trust of your children, letting them participate in small decisions at home (i.e. what to have for dinner, what to wear) gives them the feeling that their opinions are valued and their voices can be hear. With this in mind, your children’s strong willed character can be softened into a more positive and participative one.

Parenting tips on how to deal with strong willed children can be found in a lot of parenting literature. But of course, it always looks better on paper. The real challenge is putting theory to practice and staying consistent to being a good parent. Hopefully these few tips have helped you gain some clarity!

Article Source:

By Joshua See

Create Better Parenting Skills By Following These Top Tips And Hints Here

Latino Children Play Swing

Latino Children Play Swing (Photo credit:

As parents we sometimes struggle to find a medium that suits our needs and our children’s needs too. Many conflicting issues on a daily basis can create some testing and frustrating times for families of today. We are going to look at some effective tools and strategies which can help us as parents to better handle parenting on a daily scale so we can enjoy our short time as parents.

If you are new to parenting and are only just finding your way in this wonderful and exciting journey, then you may feel a bit overwhelmed or tired at this present time. It does not matter if you feel you are not a naturally calm person who can handle almost any situation because knowing what and how makes children do what they do will give you a better understanding. Once you begin to understand why children do what they do, you can overcome these regular challenges and go about your daily business without the added stress that most parents have to deal with.

Expecting children to understand that being nice to them is going to mean they are going to do the same is only going to leave you frustrated almost every time. You have to find a way of disciplining your child or children by using effective methods that are going to allow the child to understand what exactly you expect from them. There is such an age gap here so being able to do this is an art as well as a skill. Once you develop these skills you and your children will find more time for play, understanding and togetherness, which is what all parents want and desire.

Feeling guilty about losing your temper is only going to fuel the fire even more. Remember that this is a natural emotion and it is telling you that something needs to done in order to handle the situation. There is no such thing as a bad emotion because these emotions are simply messages telling us we are ready to take action on something. You can easily teach your child how to handle mentally challenging situations just by allowing yourself to take control of them yourself.

Clashing parenting styles and methods are always going to happen. This is because many couples who may or not be married do not discuss their plan of effective methods for parenting before the child is born. This does not mean you cannot learn from each others methods and combine them both together for a more effective and positive result. Work with each other and you will find that the job of parenting is going to be a lot easier and more fun as you both progress and develop your skills for many years to come.

Article Source:

By Winston Jones

Top Single Parenting Tips

Happy Children Playing Kids

Happy Children Playing Kids (Photo credit:

If you have been married for a number of years and the marriage dissolves, entering into single parenthood can be a daunting experience if you as the mother don’t have a grasp on things. No doubt, single parenting is tough and no one signed up for it.

5 top single parenting tips to employ:

No matter how lonely you feel and how much you need to be understood, do not talk to your child about her father and do not discuss grievances with her. This is too much responsibility for a child and besides you will transfer your sadness to her which is grossly unfair. Your child is not your confidante. She is not your protector. You are hers and so it must remain. Your child must always feel that someone is in charge. Don’t make your child a pawn in your failed relationship. He or she looks to you for love and guidance and to feel safe and protected.

Now that there is only one parent in the home, you are both mother and father and will need all your wits about you to run the home. You need to make up a list of rules for leisure time, study, chores and so on. You have to enforce the rules right at the beginning and stick to them. If they try their luck and do not do their chores, you have to either cut television or computer time, or something that your child enjoys. As a single parent who works outside of the home you have to run your house like a well-oiled machine so that when you come home from work you are not entering a house where the dishes are stacked up in the sink and the beds are unmade. You are the new rule-setter now. This does not mean, however, that their father has no say. He has his rights too, and you should never punish your children by refusing them contact with their father albeit it by telephone or weekend outings with him.

Have a plan and stick with it. Children like order; they just do not know it. One of the most common things single parents do in a situation where there is a breakup is that they compensate with gifts. This is especially true of the single father who feels guilty that he has left or that he is not with his children. The child will start to expect it and the next time she cries and you don’t buy that new doll she wanted, she throws a tantrum.

If your young children are used to going to bed at eight at night, do not let them stay up an extra hour to watch a movie as you want to establish a regular time each day when all the children can relax in their rooms.

Don’t go completely against the above by being a hard-nosed mom and being too strict. This is a time when children need love and understanding and you have to find time in your day to spend time with them in the evenings. Take them out at least once on the weekend unless they see their father.

Article Source:

By Amie Haskett

Top 5 Parenting Tips For Toddlers

baby learning to walk

baby learning to walk (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Toddlers are now walking and exploring every part of your home. They are testing boundaries in every sense of the word. There are many things going on in their lives at this time. Here are some tips that might just help you through it.

They are curious about everything. So they will attempt to get into everything. Make sure things you don’t want them playing with are far out of reach. That way they are free to roam the house and explore while not damaging themselves or anything else.

  1. It is the responsibility of the parents to guide their children in this world. Make sure you show them what is appropriate and lead by example.
  2. Their communication skills are not yet complete but they are learning very quickly. Be careful because they will copy or repeat anything you say. They are learning vocabulary, tone, facial expressions and many more things regarding communicating and the only place they are learning this off is yourself and ones that take care of them.
  3. Put covers on everything you see. Toddlers are prone to making a mess of everything in their path. Couch covers, tv covers if yours is within reach and anything else you wish to protect.
  4. Take them through everything you are doing. In order for them to learn the right way to do things you must show them. This means everything from going to the toilet to showering, making dinner, watering the garden and everything else you do during the day or night.

Article Source:

By Adam P

Top 5 Parenting Tips For Babies

A smiling baby lying in a soft cot (furniture).

A smiling baby lying in a soft cot (furniture). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Parenting babies can be a daunting task as you may find it hard to communicate with them. Babies do actually communicate but they do so in different ways. These tips will hopefully make it a lot easier on yourself and baby.

They didn’t come here to manipulate you. Babies will cry but only to get your attention to help them with something. They aren’t out to annoy you. They either want a changed diaper, they are too hot or cold, teething, stomach/wind pain or may just even be scared.

  1. Close contact is essential with a baby. They want to be close to their mom or dad. You can never be too close to them. It doesn’t turn them into dependent babies, it teaches them that if they are need comfort someone is there for them, hence they tend to be more confident in exploring the world.
  2. Let them explore the world around them. Don’t keep them in a playpen, baby proof your house and let them crawl around. It will keep them entertained more than any toy and help them practice crawling, which in turn helps them develop many more neurological connections.
  3. Talk to them like an adult. Babies will only learn language if they can hear it. So if they only hear baby talk that is all they can learn. Introducing them to adult conversation early will help them pick up language a lot faster.
  4. Your babies health is most likely one of your biggest concerns. While everything is new there is a tendency to panic about most minor things. Remember that billions and billions of children have gone through the first years of their life and survived in sometimes much worse conditions than we live today. So while it is always important to keep an eye on your babies health and speak to your health care practitioner should you have any concerns, you will most likely have little to worry about.

Article Source:

By Adam P

Top 5 Parenting Tips For Teenagers

English: child

English: child (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You have lived with them for years and now they are becoming independent. They have gathered enough knowledge in this world to start forming their own decisions and are now wanting to assert them. It is at this point that some parents make begin to think their child is rebellious or angry. Here are some tips that just might help you through it.

Recognize that your child is now capable of making their own decisions on a lot of things. Let them have more control over their lives. If you let them have more control in certain areas of their life they are less likely to try to assert control over other areas just to try and get any piece of their life they can control.

  1. Your job is to guide them and not to control them. Make sure you show by example how you would act in adult situations. Teenagers are still learning and will follow your example.
  2. Show respect to them and they will show respect to you, even if not at first.
  3. Realize that they are no longer a child and that your relationship with them is changing. It is not getting worse or less important, it is just changing to something different. They are now capable of achieving much more.
  4. While you will have more life experience than your children and many skills but they will certainly out grow you in different areas. Be open to your children’s ideas and now it might be time to start learning from them while they are still learning from you.

Article Source:

By Adam P

Top 10 Parenting Tips for Toddlers

Redheaded child mesmerized.

Redheaded child mesmerized. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Parenting is something that creates the base for a child’s life. Childhood teachings, memories, experience and environment have a long way into the life of an individual. All these above mentioned factors are part of childhood when a baby is most attached to its parents. Good parenting is about striking balance in a child’s life.

You have to follow some steps to provide your kid a safe, calm, happy and beautiful childhood.

• First of all you have to be really calm. You have to keep in mind that he/she is learning things for the first time, and it is bound to take time.

• If you see that your kid is not behaving in the proper way that you want, then you have to be patient. Your being impatient, can make things worse.

• You love your kid most in the world, but that does not mean you don’t have to be firm with him/her. The child must learn that there are some things that are off limit. Moreover, being firm and taking charge of situations give the kid a sense of security.

• You have to be consistent with the child and follow a routine. In this way, the kid will experience a disciplined life and learn to live one when he/she will grow.

• Boosting the confidence and self esteem of a baby is very important. If you encourage him/her to do new things, and praise his/her little efforts, he/she will grow up as a confident individual.

• Keeping your baby safe should be most important. As a child has no sense of danger, you must keep an eye on him/her all the time to prevent any accident.

• In order to boost the development process of your child, you should set some little goals for your toddler. After completing the goals, you must reward his/her efforts.

• A happy and well balanced family is the key to child development, so put some time aside for some joint movements for the whole family. During this time, you can listen to the problems or just the words of your child.

• You have to make your child aware of the social boundaries. He/she must know why some things are not approved by the society in a way that he/she will be able to understand.

• You must go for effective communication. Tell him/her to look at you when you are talking. Talk in simple language but in a firm and calm voice.

If you want your kid to flourish and be strong for life, then you have to take special care about guiding your precious one. These are some suggestions to help you to look after your kid. Though they are effective, you have to learn and use these in the way best for your toddler.

Article Source:

By Sri S Vani

Top 10 Parenting Tips To Raise Happy, Healthy, and Smart Kids

Chaske Spencer

Chaske Spencer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Every parent I know wants nothing less than the best for their children. They want their children to be happy, healthy, and smart. While every child is different and unique, just as every parent is, there are some things you can do to help to insure your child is the happiest, healthiest, and smartest possible. Here is a list of the top ten parenting tips you can use to help insure your child’s success in life:

Tip 1 – Command Respect, Don’t Demand It. One of the foundations of a good relationship with other people is mutual respect. As a parent you should be commanding the respect of your children, through your actions and words, not demanding that they respect you. As your child learns to respect you in this manner, they will also learn to command respect from others, rather than trying to demand it.

Tip 2 – Maintain Healthy Relationships with Others. Whether it is your spouse or your own friends, it is important that you model good relationship behavior for your children. By having strong relationships with your spouse and your friends, you can show your children how to have strong and healthy relationships with you and the other people in their lives.

Tip 3 – Be a Role Model. Who do you want your children to emulate in their lives, a famous sports star or yourself? Parents should always want to be the number one role model for their children. You want to show them right from wrong, and do this through being a role model who they can emulate in their own lives. Show them how you live and how you do the right things in life even when you are challenged.

Tip 4 – Talk With Your Children, Not At Them. It can be easier to tell your child not to do something or how to behave. However, if you take the time to talk with your children about your expectations, and their expectations as well, you can have a healthy line of communication. This communication channel will grow over the years and you will find that your children will come to you with their issues they need help with. If you talk at your children, they will be less likely to come to you because they will fear a lecture and disapproval.

Tip 5 – Give Unconditional Love and Support. Children are still growing and learning. They will do things at times which you will not approve of, and may not even understand their thinking behind. By always supporting your child with unconditional love, even during the rough times, you can show your child that they will always have your love and support. While you may not approve of their actions, they know that you love them and that you simply do not love the action they took.

Tip 6 – Show Support Though Positive Reinforcement. Never use the words stupid, dumb or other negative words to describe your children. Never tell them they are, or make them feel, less-than. If your children are in school, they will hear enough negativity from the other children when adults are not present. Build them up through positive words at home, so that they will be able to deflect the negative words they hear when you are not with them.

Tip 7 – Eat Smart as a Family. Food habits start from a very young age; what you eat as a child has a lot to do with your eating habits later in life. Start your children off right by offering them whole and healthy foods. If they start eating healthy from a very young age, then they will likely continue to eat well throughout their lives. It is much easier to get children to eat healthy foods if that is the only thing they know.

Tip 8 – Play With Your Children – Often! Children learn though play. By playing with your children you are able to teach them, and they will believe they are just simply playing. Teaching through play is a wonderful way to keep your children both entertained and captive to the lessons you want to instill in them.

Tip 9 – Avoid The Bad Toys, Games and TV. While it may be easier to turn on the TV for your child and let them watch whatever they want this is not a good option. TV will constantly sell to your child through advertisements which are very well designed to make your children want certain toys and games. If you can avoid as many of the bad toys, games and TV itself, you are on the way to having much healthier and safer kids.

Tip 10 – Educate Your Children With Their Toys. By purchasing educational toys for your children you are enabling them to have fun and learn at the same time.

Hopefully these top ten tips of parenting will help you to raise your children to be happy, healthy, and smart adults while getting the most of their precious childhood years.

Article Source:

By Denny Wong

Top Parenting Tips That You Must Know

Rock in Rio Lisboa 2008 Rodrigo Sá

Rock in Rio Lisboa 2008 Rodrigo Sá (Photo credit: Rodrigo Sá)

There are many parents who are looking for parenting tips. When it comes to that, you will find that there are many guides and mentors out there. However, reading through them, you will find that you want to know what the top parenting advice is. Here are the top seven tips that you should know about mentoring children.

The first parenting tip that you will need to know is that no matter what you are doing, you need to show love and compassion. Even when they do wrong, the best parenting advice that we can give you is to praise your child when they do something right and even after you discipline them, you allow them to know that you love them.

Another parenting tip is that you need to discipline children. When you do this, you need to get on their level. Kids don’t do well when you are literally talking them down. You need to follow through when you do this. If you have given a warning, be sure to follow up. If they commit the same misbehavior again, then you need to discipline them as this is how to set the boundaries straight. If you don’t do this, they will keep pushing your limits further and further.

One of the best parenting tips is to be sure that you can control and manage your anger. Too many parents are acting out in anger and children end up getting hurt. So, you want to be sure to take deep breaths and relax before confronting your child. You have approach children in an understanding manner. When you do this, you will find things to be a lot easier to deal with. Find some personal time for you and your spouse to relax when the child is not around. Reducing stress is the best way to absorb more pressure from your child.

Parents will tell you that the best parenting advice that they can give you would be to relax. It might seem hard to do, but you have to do this. This is how you keep yourself from going insane. There are too many parents that forget this golden rule and with the weight of all other things weighing down on them, they find that handling children problems can be pretty hard to deal with. This causes them to lash out and hurt the child and themselves.

While you are to monitor your child’s behavior, you will learn that you need to monitor your own as well. Sometimes you have to see the things that you are doing and work on changing them. When you can do this, you can then set the right example for your children. These are just a few tips that parents have used to make life easier. It might be challenging, but it is doable. Part of taking care of a child is ensuring that you can take care of yourself. You want to be able to do this as this keeps you in a right state of mind. This allows you to calmly deal with your child a lot easier than before.

Article Source:

By Jazmine A Cunningham