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How To Transform Your Garden Into The Perfect Place To Play

English: Airplane climbing frame This climbing...

English: Airplane climbing frame This climbing frame is in Abbey Estate’s Small play area shown in1086053 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is often said that children spend too much time in front of the television. Of course the key to avoiding this is to make sure you offer them a fun alternative. There are plenty of garden buildings available to help your children enjoy themselves, in particular playhouses and climbing frames.


Wooden playhouses are great for providing children with their own special place for playing. Whether it’s used as their own little den for quiet games, or as a base from which their more active games can develop, a child’s playhouse often becomes a favourite place to spend time.

Playhouses range from child-sized idealised homes, generally more suited to quieter play, to army-themed bunkers allowing for more active games. The majority of playhouses are similar to garden sheds in construction, featuring tongue and groove panels held together by a framework, making them solid and long lasting buildings.

While the basic playhouse is a small garden building on one level, there a few different layouts found in the more impressive playhouses. Often you will find playhouses that have an upper level which is reached by a wooden ladder or steps and makes children feel even more as though they have their own little house. There are also playhouses that sit on a raised platform giving children a high vantage point over the garden that is really enjoyable.

Of course, it is always important to make sure that children are safe while they are playing and most playhouses are designed with this in mind. The glazing used is generally either Perspex or polycarbonate rather than glass because it is far sturdier. When glass is used it is always best to ensure that it is toughened glass which crumbles into smaller and less dangerous pieces when it is broken. Standard glass generally breaks into shards which could prove lethal for a child.

Climbing Frames 

Climbing frames are a fantastic way to keep children active and having fun outdoors. Most climbing frames have a slide and generally are highly customisable, coming with a range of extra modules, components and accessories.

The wide selection of climbing frame modules allows them to be tailor-made to suit the garden and the children who will be using the frame. Some of the most common add-on features are swing modules with a range of different swing seats on offer. There are also climbing modules featuring rock walls or climbing nets. And you can buy a combined playhouse and climbing frame, perhaps linked by a bridge of some kind of to make a very special play area.

There are lots of extra accessories that can be added to climbing frames including telephones, telescopes, steering wheels, basketball hoops and climbing ropes. With so many options available, you can be sure that every climbing frame offers plenty of fun for all children.

As you can see, with so many variations available in both climbing frames and playhouses, it’s easy to find just the right place for your child to play.

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By Gavin R Graham